Manage your Email Campaigns

A/B Test Campaigns

Always wondered which campaign is a success with a higher open rate? Wondered which campaign did well on which day of the week? What time of the day? Which email template design works better?

We've got the solution for you. With A/B Testing you will be able to determine how to reach your target audience better. We perform the tests on your behalf, and send out the best campaign to the remaining set of subscribers in your mailing list.

Runs on Automatic

Leave the process of testing to us. Define factors based on what you want test - different subjects or sender's details or two different template designs. We split your list and based on the winner (open rate or click rate) and send the winning campaign to the rest of your list.

Chain Campaigns

Why let go of subscribers who missed out on opening your email? Using Chain Campaigns you can focus on increasing your open rate by creating a follow-up campaign for subscribers who did not open your previous mail. Modify all that you need - subject, email content or both. Chain campaigns is not restricted to just one follow-up campaign - create as many as you wish to get the best results.

Get to Know your Subscribers

Know who opened your mails and who did not. With Chain Campaigns you have a chance to follow-up with subscribers who did not open your email. Increase your overall open rate, click rate and reduce spam complaints by engaging your subscribers with better content. With chain campaign reporting you get to understand your subscribers better.

Personalize your Emails

Add personalized greetings to your campaigns using mail merge tags within your campaign content. You can also use custom fields as merge tags to address your subscribers.

Mail-In your Campaign

Create your campaign in any email client of your choice. You can then send your campaign to your Zoho Campaigns account, and your campaign will be saved in drafts, ready to be sent.

Schedule your Email Marketing Campaigns

On a holiday, but you want to send out your campaign? Schedulers can help you reach out to your subscribers right on time. Plan your campaigns well in advance and Zoho Campaigns will deliver your emails at the time that you want them to go.

You can also send out emails based on the time zone of your subscribers, or choose a time zone that you think will work best for you.

For every new subscriber who joins your mailing list, send out a welcome email, wish your customers on their birthday or create a lead nurture series. Automate your email marketing efforts with Email Workflows and Autoresponders.

Administer with Ease with Multi-User Accounts

Delegate your marketing responsibilities with multi-user accounts. When you have different products, territories or divisions, and each one needs to be managed by a separate member of your marketing team. Use the dashboard to keep track of your marketing activities. Since we maintain all your contacts at the organizational level, you do not have to pay additionally even if you have stored the same contacts in mailing lists owned by different users in the same organization's account.