Some context

Currently, the email-based plan is pegged to the number of emails you want to send in a month. The number of contacts you can add and manage is half the number of emails you purchase. The other paid plan is pegged to the number of contacts one wants to purchase and comes with unlimited emails.

With this update, we are pegging both plans to the number of contacts, offering unlimited emails, and making features as the only differentiator.

What changes for you

The current version of the email-based plan is grandfathered, and you can continue with it if it suits you. However, you are provisioned to switch to the new version when there's a need to upgrade your email volume.

Let's understand this with an example. Say you have subscribed to 5,000 emails per month—you'd be paying $15 and getting 2,500 contacts. With the new, equivalent version (standard plan), you can purchase 5,000 contacts at the same cost with unlimited emails. You purchase 5,000 contacts instead of 5,000 emails—that's the only difference.

Final words

We hope this explains the dynamics clearly. Thank you for trusting Zoho Campaigns—we'll continually improve its stability.

If you have any questions concerning this or the product in general, feel free to write to us at